At Symfony Digital Solutions we have a development team which is filled with highly skilled web developers who are capable of tackling any project which comes their way.  It is in this way that we’re able to meet the constantly growing demand for new and specialized web applications which will further enhance both your online experience as well as productivity.  Our web development company’s core focus is on powerful Django framework applications, along with having a dedicated team of PHP and MOBILE developers.       

SEO & Creative Writing

By definition, Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website in a search engine’s organic search results – such as Google...


Creative Direction

Our copywriting team works hand-in-hand with our SEO team in order to deliver outstanding, specific content on a variety of online platforms. With the correct keywording being essential...


Digital Design

They say first impressions last; and making an outstanding first impression is something which our design team specializes in. With each team member bringing a specific skill set...


Go Team.

Here at Symfony Digital Solutions, we pride ourselves on being market leaders; trailblazing and rewriting the rules of what’s possible on the internet. We’re changing the web – one website at a time, and in order to achieve this we have assembled our very own Dream Team.

Darren Kerr
Product Manager

With his first coding experience coming in the form of Flash, Darren then moved over to Python development.  Having a background in Media and Literature, he specializes in client liaison, project specification documents, process flow, and support of the finalised product. 

Rehan Bouwer
Project Manager

As team leader with more than 13 years of experience in all phases of SDLC, Rehan focuses on conceptualizing business needs and translating them into viable technical solutions.  An expert at system analysis and problem-solving, he has a background in open source products specializing in Python development.

Portia Kinsky
Product Tester

Seeing to the testing of new and existing functionality, assisting with project specs, replicating issues, logging tickets and supplying resolutions is what Portia does best.  As product tester with 8 years of experience, she is enthusiastic and strives for high quality when it comes to the product reaching the end users.

Safia Modak
Technical Support Agent & Copywriter

With a background in Media and Writing, Safia makes use of her skills in writing and SEO to produce copy which is factual and relates perfectly to the project at hand.  As technical support agent, she ensures that tickets are logged and that all issues are resolved to the client's satisfaction.  

Blaine Lingard
Senior Front-end Developer & UX Designer

With years of experience as a Senior Designer, there's no task too big for Blaine to take on.  Leading his team with endless creativity and love and ensuring that all projects are up to the highest standards, he is highly experienced in the front-end development department and specializes in UX and UI design.

Ryan Smith
Graphic Designer

With extensive experience as a freelance graphic designer, Ryan sees to all aspects of creative design here at Symfony Digital.  Passionate about design, Ryan studied extensively in this field and has become an integral SDS Dream Team member who makes use of his creativity to take on any task which is thrown his way.

Gelson Kampandira
Junior Graphic Designer

As a new asset to the design team, Gelson specializes in visual and 3D graphic designing.  With 6 years of experience in music and video production, it's obvious that he adds a whole new spin on any project which he takes on.  Pouring his creativity into graphic design, there's no doubt that he's a perfect fit! 

Tafadzwa Shereni
Senior Back-end Developer

With 8 years of web development experience, there's no problem that Tafadzwa can't fix.  The perfect fit as senior back-end Developer, he uses PHP, Postgres, MySQL, Python/Django, Angular Js, JQuery, and API integration. Enjoying all that comes with new technologies, it's no wonder that he's been pulled in to the world of coding. 

Ben Nxumalo
Back-end Developer

Having an ample amount of experience when it comes to coding, it seems that there isn't a problem which Ben hasn't already seen.  As a back-end developer he specializes in Commercial Development using frameworks such as Django, Cake, JQuery and Angular Js. 

Olwethu Nitiyonke
Back-end Developer

Referring to himself as a Pythonista, you won't have to think twice about how passionate Olwethu is about his job.  Equipped with extensive experience in Django, Olwethu’s key development strengths lay in embedded systems, 3D Visualization and open source technologies such as Python development.

Sheldon Bromage
Back-end Developer

A senior backend developer, Sheldon’s experienced in an array of coding languages including PHP, Angular, JavaScript, MySQL, and Postgres to mention but a few.  With 10 years of experience to look back on, there's no project too big or too small when it comes to web development. 

Admire Zinamo
Back-end Developer

As one of our very skilled back-end developers, Admire specializes in PHP, API intergration, JQuery Angular, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML and Web and Database Administration.  Making use of his 5 years of experience in web development, it's doesn't shock us that he can get the job done perfectly.   

Mthabisi Mlunjwa
Back-end Developer

Another PHP developer who's making waves over here at Symfony is Mthabisi.  He specializes in PHP, MySQL, Postgres, Angular JS and JQuery. As a back-end developer and an open source enthusiast,  Mthabisi has a particular interest in open source technologies and all that comes with it.

Musa Zirebwa
Back-end Developer

Starting off as a PHP developer, it's not long before Musa moved over to become a Django developer.  Weighing in with over five years of backend development experience, crunching code is what Musa does best.  It should then be obvious that it's no secret that this is one Django developer we simply couldn't do without. 

Berry Jordaan
Back-end Developer

Having more than 15 years of experience when it comes to all that is web development, Berry is a back-end developer who knows how to get the ball rolling. Refusing to survive without the internet, he's been known to code and specializes in Python, Postgres, Angular Js, JQuery and Haxe. 

Arnold Bansemer
Back-end Developer

Coming from a background in Java and Python development, Arnold joined the Symfony team with years of experience.  A new member of the Django development team, Arnold enjoys exploring new ideas and concepts and brings in a fresh view of how to take on the world of coding. 



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